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Distributor UPS Ica

UPS CIKARANG implemented and certified ISO9001 quality management system since 1998. We are engaged in sales services, procurement / supply, rental service & maintenance of all kinds of brands / types of UPS, Rectifier, Battery, and Voltage Stabilizer for your business needs We provide various kinds of PRODUCTS & SERVICES 1. UPS (ON-LINE, OFF LINE, LINE INTERACTIVE, etc) 2. VOLTAGE STABILIZER (SERVO MOTOR, FERRO RESONANT CONTROLLER, etc) 3. INVERTER (PURE SINEWAVE, MODIFIED SINEWAVE, etc) 4. RECTIFIER 5. TRANSFORMATION ISOLATION 6. CONTROLLER and all products that can solve your electricity problemAs for the SERVICE products that you provide include: 1. CONSULTATION SERVICES 2. INSTALLATION SERVICES (SETUP & iNSTALLATION) 3. SERVICE & MAINTENANCE SERVICES All the products we provide are superior products of high quality and guaranteed quality and quality and authenticity, also meet the ISO 9100 standard. We are committed to providing good quality products and providing services that satisfy customer needs and expectations in a timely and cost effective manner. To increase quality commitment.

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